How can you take a cello, a drumset, and a collection of vintage synthesizers and make cohesive music with them?

Formed in 2015, the three musicians of Aggregat worked for months on finding and refining their sound. With timbral experimentation laying the foundation, they sought to create enticing compositions without using pop clichés. Ultimately they found a way to combine their fascinating sounds within a song structure, forming a conclusive entity.

Based on minimalism, Aggregat’s music combines contemporary aesthetics with a hint of classical avant-garde.

In 2018 Aggregat made their live debut at the Fusion Festival, after which they collaborated with the Hamburg based visual effects studio “visual distractions” in producing their first music video. 

As the stages got bigger, they were invited to perform in Rio de Janeiro and then recorded their first album “1” at “Clouds Hill Recording Studios”.

At the end of 2019 Aggregat founded arts and music promotion association “Bund zur Förderung von Elektroakustik in Musik und Kunst” and are currently planning a concert series in Lübeck’s former shipyard “Kulturwerft Gollan”. In 2020 the Album and a few videos will be released. Remixes by artists complement the singles.