Aggregat is a high-energy live band, playing dance music with roots in minimal music, techno and bigbeat. With timbral experimentation as its foundation, this band seeks to produce enticing compositions without using pop clichés. Not only influenced by minimalism, Aggregats music also combines contemporary aesthetics as well as classical avant-garde creating a neoteric style. The desire for discovering unique and natural sounds from within the structure of their music thereby forming a conclusive entity, is the definition of Aggregat.

In 2018 Aggregat made their live debut at the Fusion Festival followed by a collaboration with Hamburg based visual effects studio “visual distractions” in producing their first music video "Brigade".

The debut album “1” was set to be released in April of 2020 followed by a tour, but was unfortunately postponed due to the Corona pandemic. Remixes by artists as Paul Frick, <L_ or Cyrk complement the singles from their debut album, presenting a new perspective within their compositions.

In 2022 Aggregat wrote and recorded their second album wich will be released in fall 2023. Inspired by the concert in Kulturkirche Neustrelitz in Oct 2022 Aggregat decided to develop the video for the next single with Matthias "Pupillendriller" Pfeiffer who made the visuals in that concert:

Aggregats influences can be found in the infectious grooves of Soulwax, the innovative vision of Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre, as well as the meditative and compositional works of Terry Riley and Steve Reich.